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A ground-breaking Smart City concept


Leading Finnish technology providers – Exilight, Granlund, Infinity, Lonix and Valvova – are releasing the comprehensive SIMPLYCITY solution for building industry.

The fully interoperable SIMPLYCITY solution brings together the leading technologies from Scandinavia to build a premium City Management System, in order to “smartify” Buildings and Cities and to simplify Life.


Seminar in Dubai

December 8, 2013

Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road.


Seminar in Doha

December 10, 2013

Sharq Village & Spa, Abdul Aziz Bin Jasmin St., Doha.


Seminar in Kuwait

December 11, 2013

Holiday Inn, Al Blajat St, Salmiya 22003, Kuwait.



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2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit

December 2013, Doha, Qatar

Gateway to a Smart and Sustainable Future.

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Arab Future Cities Summit 2014

April 2014, Doha, Qatar

Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities.

Arab Future Cities Summit 2014 | Qatar Arab Future Cities Summit 2014 Arab Future Cities Summit 2014 | Qatar

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2nd Annual Digital Grids and Smart Cities Forum

May 2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Smart Cities technologies for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Integrated system

The Lonix IBMS solution, including cutting-edge Automation and Security systems, leverages the COBA BOS platform to provide a highly sophisticated solution with central monitoring. It extends seamlessly to create a unified, intelligent building by integrating with diverse facility systems.

The forefront Ksenos VMS provided by Valvova and the Exilight emergency lighting system are integral elements in the full system. The Granlund Manager enables seamless utilization of BIM in maintenance and gets all real time and history information from the COBA Building Operating System.


COBA Building Operating System, an open inter-operability platform enables functional system integration of all automation, security and safety systems at building level and completely new level of usability for all occupants and professional users.


Building Smart City is also lucrative business for the investor and owners due to lower investment cost, superior usability and much lower operating cost.


The solution makes buildings and cities green, secure and safe without fuzz – everything at home and at work just works – is connected and runs smoothly in the background enabling all of us to have a smarter and simplified life.



COBA Middle East FZCO

COBA Middle East FZCO (founded 2008) provides consultation for development of Smart Buildings and Cities with tailored user interfaces. This yields in efficient service provisioning, blazing user experience and predictable cash flows for service operator. Professional service provisioning from Command and Control Center provides superior Indoor Air Quality, Security and Safety combined with minimized resource and energy consumption.

COBA Middle East FZCO also distributes COBA Building Operating Software (BOS) and related Automation, Security and Safety systems to the Middle East and East Africa markets. COBA BOS enables implementation of interoperable Smart Buildings and Cities which can be operated with any device by different stakeholders – FM, Security and Safety service providers, utilities, authorities and occupants of buildings.

Exilight Ltd

Exilight Ltd (founded 2004) specializes in energy efficient emergency lighting. Exilight manufactures all products itself – from start to finish. This ensures that customers receive high-quality and stylish lights and state of art emergency lighting systems at reasonable cost. All Exilight products are result of high-quality Finnish workmanship.

Innovative product development keeps products and systems at the top of the field. Due to flexible customer service, any special requirements our customers and locations may have can be considered and implemented. Compatibility with COBA BOS enables integration of Emergency lighting systems to Smart City infrastructure. This ensures efficient, timely maintenance and high functionality.

Granlund Ltd

Granlund (founded 1960) is the leading MEP consultant and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Company with over 500 professionals with wide-ranging skills. Company’s core expertise is energy efficiency. True long term energy efficiency can be achieved through BIM, simulations and utilization of comprehensive CMMS system – Granlund Manager.

System includes tools for systematic maintenance management, channels for property user’s service requests, tools for energy efficiency management and Long Term Planning, Building Info, Executive reporting and Metrix property control panel for efficient Command and Control Center. Granlund Manager enables seamless utilization of BIM in maintenance and it can get all real time and history information from COBA Building Operating System. This enables implementation and operating of new category of Smart City. This type of community is usable, aware, learning and optimized – Green Intelligent City.

Infinity Ltd

Infinity group (founded 2003), the leading design agency in Finland, has extensive experience and know-how in the field of user-centered design. Infinity helps companies succeed by giving them a better understanding of the end customers and their needs. Infinity operates globally, and its customers include Huawei, Nokia, BMW and Jolla.

Infinity’s customer projects have resulted in 64 patents worldwide covering new products and user interfaces. Infinity’s task is to help developers plan smart solutions based on the end user needs. The goal is to design smart buildings and cities so that they simplify the life of the people living and working in them. After defining the roles and needs of different stakeholders, Infinity can help innovate unique user experiences for any device. This helps differentiate the smart city offerings and create new services based on real needs.

Lonix Ltd

Lonix (founded 1996) provides versatile systems and advanced solutions for intelligent buildings. The cutting-edge Lonix Automation and Security Systems offer you the perfect solution for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and security, optimal for all types and sizes of buildings and building clusters.

Utilizing the COBA Building Operating System as the integration platform, the scalable Lonix System allows for efficient solutions for offices, business centers, hotels, public buildings, residential towers and palaces, up to Smart Cities. Fostering the values of sustainable development, we help you to create simply better built environments - lasting for future generations to come.

Valvova Ltd

Valvova Ltd (founded 1999) provides Ksenos Video Management System. Ksenos VMS is a revolutionary tool for high-definition video surveillance. The focus of the development of Ksenos series is based on customer requirements mostly in the area of easy user interaction and quick recordings browsing. Ksenos VMS has the fastest recordings search in the market.

Its power is based on unbeatable search engine. Ksenos video surveillance solutions has been developed since 2004 and it is fully compatible with COBA BOS. Ksenos is an official member of ONVIF. ONVIF and RTSP integrations provide support for most high-definition H.264 IP cameras including all Lonix cameras.


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